2022 09 20 Planning Meeting Workshop

THE STATE OF TEXAS – TOWN OF ANDERSON – BE IT REMEMBERED, that on this the 20th day of September 2022, at 7:00 p.m., there was begun and holden a Planning Workshop of the Town of Anderson, Grimes County, Texas.

1. Call to order at 7:02
a. Roll call – Bessie White, Daryl Alford, Karen McDuffie, Kason Menges, Marc Benton & Pam Johnson were present, Harold Minor was absent.
b. Establish quorum
c. Invocation: Kason Menges
d. Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag
e. Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas Flag

Visitors present were Carnell Carrell, Harry Walker, Charles Borski & Will Borski

2. Review and consider planning for upcoming projects in the Town
• Within 5 years, replace all roads – need to plan $25,000 + per year
• Revitalize Main St – bury power lines, replace light poles with fancy light posts (look for grant for Main St)
• City Hall (build or move to downtown)
• Kitchen, bathroom, ceiling & walls
• Trash service
• Curb on east side of Fanthorp
• Establish a park
• Holiday event calendar
• Holiday committees
• Purchase water company
• Public works
• Annex property into Town
• Sewer
• Jet rig, pole barn / electricity, holding tank instead of dumping in the creek, equipment (tractor/mower), wench arms, sewer 4”, gate replaced at sewer plant, electric panel replaced at sewer plant, blowers, boat, manhole not level, top to bottom review by engineer, maintenance plan
• Town clean up
• 2nd day added, after storm clean up, get w/Kat on tire trailer
• Subdivision Ordinance
• Policies & procedures
• Road from FM 149 to SH 90 for school
• Website upgraded
• Have Mr. Parker look at ordinances
• Marketing

3. Review and consider updating permits in the Town

• Ordinance for vendor permits / event organizer / coordinator
• $30 monthly permit
• $300 yearly permit
• 1 or 2-day event (for the vendor) – Free (only complete if there is no event organizer / coordinator)
• Event organizer / coordinator – someone who puts on an event and charges vendors a fee to set up a booth at an event that they coordinate
• If the event organizer is charging vendors for a space, the organizer / coordinator is charged $250 for 1 day event, $500 for a 2-day event
• Town organized events are 100% free and the Town is never charged to participate if there is an event organizer / coordinator
• If the event organizer is charging vendors for a space, $250 for 1 day event, $500 for a 2-day event
• Road closure for profit (someone is charging vendors to participate)
• Not for profit event – no one is making money, except the vendor
• No parking on city streets or state highways, except as allowed by event

4. Adjourn at 9:15 pm
Motion to adjourn by Marc Benton, seconded by Daryl Alford. All approved, motion carried.

Signed: Karen McDuffie, Mayor
Pam Johnson, Town Clerk

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