2022 11 30 Special Meeting Minutes

THE STATE OF TEXAS – TOWN OF ANDERSON – BE IT REMEMBERED, that on this the 30th day of November 2022, at 7:00 p.m., there was begun and holden a Special Meeting of the Town of Anderson, Grimes County, Texas.

1. Call to order at 7:01 PM
a. Roll call: Bessie White, Daryl Alford, James Parker, Karen McDuffie, Kason Menges, Marc Benton, and Pam Johnson were present. Harold Minor was absent. Visitors present were Michael Kimich and Charles Borski.
b. Establish quorum
c. Invocation – Kason Menges
d. Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag
e. Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas

2. Convene into executive session at 7:03 P.M. to discuss petition for Emergency Services District with Attorney. Reconvene into open session at 8:44 p.m.

3. Take action as appropriate at the Town Council’s discretion regarding a petition for the creation of an Emergency Services District that attempts to include the Town of Anderson within the proposed Emergency Services District. No action will be taken on this item tonight

4. Discuss and consider adoption of an ordinance regulating special events held within the Town and adopting special event permit fees and related permit fees associated with special events.
Mr. Parker – Make sure the amount is tied to what is involved with what is involved in the processing of the permits. Motion to postpone, having Mr. Parker update ordinance and permit by Kason Menges, seconded by Daryl Alford. All approved, motion carried.

5. Discuss the process and procedures to abate substandard buildings and properties with tall grass and brush in the Town of Anderson and discuss the enforcement of current Town Ordinances.
Mr. Parker detailed procedures. We will set up a meeting with the board of inspectors to move forward.

6. Adjourn at 9:58 p.m.
Motion by Marc Benton to adjourn, seconded by Kason Menges. All approved, motion carried.

Signed: Karen McDuffie, Mayor
Attest: Pam Johnson, Town Clerk

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