2023 09 14 Minutes

BE IT REMEMBERED, that on this the 14th day of September 2023, at 7:00 p.m., there was begun and holden a Public Hearing on Tax Rate for Tax Year 2023 and Regular Meeting of the Town of Anderson, Grimes County, Texas.

1. Call meeting to order and establish quorum at 7:00 PM
Present Bessie White, Marc Benton, Kason Menges, Pam Johnson & Darryl Alford
Not Present – Tanner Krause & Harold Minor
Visitors present were Brian Colbert, Carnell Carrell, Tim Collins, Will Borski, Charles Borski, Michael Kimich, Samantha Kimich, John Miller
2. Invocation given by Kason Menges
3. Pledges to the flags. “Honor the Texas Flag. I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.”
4. Proclamations – None
5. Announcements and Staff Recognition – None
6. Public Comment –
Samantha Kimich –
• Need judges for Anderson VFD BBQ Cookoff October 7th.
• Christmas Parade on 12/3, would like for the Town to co-host event.

Harold Minor arrived at 7:03 PM

7. Mayor’s Update
a. Oct 7th Clean-up Day
• Harry still has not confirmed personnel for clean up, he will let us know by Monday 9/18, probationers will be available.
b. High-Speed Rail (HSR) Status
• HSR is back in action, North Central Texas Council of Governments is working with them, Amtrack is willing to work with them as well. Texans Against High-Speed Rail is still operating and fighting against it. Donations are needed.
• Main St Status – Talked to James Robbins – Town is asking for repaving, widening from courthouse to FM149, resurfacing the sidewalks & parking plan.

8. Consent Agenda All consent agenda items are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion and vote.
a. Approval of the August 10, 2023, Town Council Meeting Minutes
b. Approval of the August 21, 2023, Budget Workshop Minutes
c. Approval of the list of claims and bills
d. Approval of line-item transfers

Motion by Daryl Alford to approve consent agenda items, seconded by Kason Menges. All approved, motion carried.

9. Public Hearing Items 7:12 PM
a. The Council will hear any public comments concerning the proposed tax rate for tax year 2023.
No comments from the public.

Public hearing closed at 7:15 PM

10. Reports: Informational reports only, no action to be taken.
a. Permit report – New residential construction & electrical permits for 533 W Johnson
b. Wastewater plant report – Brian Colbert – plant is running well, HS lift station had a couple of issues, water leak & pumps had to be deragged; valve installation at the plant went well, check valve at FM 1774 still needs to be replaced, gate fixed at the plant.

c. Grants report
i. 2017 Harvey Grant – Nothing to report.
ii. ARPA Grant – meeting to be scheduled with GrantWorks to discuss spending the rest of the money.
iii. 2023-2024 CDBG – Nothing to report.
iv. CDBG MIT-MOD – Nothing to report.
v. Harvey Reallocation Funds – Nothing to report.
vi. Resilient Communities Program – Spoke with Aron at Public Management, things should be kicking off soon. Should have documents to review for next month

11. Business: Discuss, consider, and possibly take action regarding:
a. Consider and take action to adopt a tax rate by Ordinance #164-23 for tax year 2023.

Motion by Kason Menges “I move that the property tax rate be increased by the adoption of a tax rate of 0.145000, which is effectively a 4.79 percent increase in the tax rate” by Ordinance #164-23 for tax year 2023, seconded by Daryl Alford.

Daryl Alford – Aye Bessie White – Aye Kason Menges– Aye Harold Minor- Aye Tanner Krause – not present
Motion carried.

b. Discussion and possible action on enacting Cell Phone Use Policy
Motion by Daryl Alford to enact cell phone policy, seconded by Bessie White. All approved, motion carried.

c. Discussion and possible action on participation in Trunk or Treat
Motion by Kason Menges to put cap of $350 to purchase candy, seconded by Daryl Alford, all approved, motion carried.

d. Discussion and possible action on maturing sewer CD’s.
Motion by Kason Menges to renew CD’s for 1 year at 4%, seconded by Daryl Alford, all approved, motion carried.

e. Discussion of FY 2024 budget and review plan to finalize in September.
Meeting on 9/21/23 to finalize plans.

f. Discussion and consider creation of Anderson Economic Development Corporation
Members of the board do not have to be residents of the Town proper, up to10 mile radius.

g. Discussion and possible action on Anderson Christmas Tree lighting timing and decorations
Courthouse & historic commission will be the weekend after Thanksgiving, parade will be a week later.

Motion by Kason Menges to do tree lighting with courthouse lighting the weekend after Thanksgiving, seconded by Harold Minor. All approved, motion carried.

12. Executive Session at 7:51 PM
a. Convene into Executive Session pursuant to Sec. 551.072, Texas Government Code, to deliberate the purchase, exchange, or value of certain real property located within the limits of the Town of Anderson.

13. Return to Open Session and possible action on items discussed 8:17 PM
a. Reconvene into public session and take action as appropriate at the discretion of the Town Council regarding the purchase, exchange, or value of a certain parcel of real property located within the limits of the Town of Anderson.

Motion by Kason Menges to engage attorney per the agreement discussed in executive session to assist in the pursuit of a possible property purchase for the Town of Anderson, seconded by Daryl Alford, all approved, motion carried.

Motion by Kason Menges to pursue due diligence activities including hiring auditors and engineering services in pursuit of a possible purchase for the Town of Anderson, seconded by Harold Minor, all approved, motion carried.

14. Around Town
• Manhole on Cedar is busted open.
• Streetlight on Main St, across from Farm Bureau is flickering.

15. Discussion of agenda items for next scheduled meeting.
• Pam out of the office for next month’s meeting. Kason Menges will need to take minutes.

16. Adjourn at 8:23 PM
Motion to adjourn by Kason Menges, seconded by Daryl Alford, all approved, motion carried.

Signed: Marc Benton, Mayor
Attest: Pam Johnson, Town Clerk

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