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February 10. 2011

State of Texas

County of Grimes

The Board of Aldermen of the Town of Anderson met in regular open session in the American Legion Building in Anderson, Texas, at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, February 10, 2011. Present were Mayor Gail Sowell, Alderwomen Erna Freeman and Carol Debose; Aldermen Daryl Alford, Tom Johanson, Joe Boudreaux, Attorneys John DeMille and Angela Davis.

Guests in attendance for the meeting were Cindy Bell, Chester Finke, Margie Powell, Don Booker, John Freeman, Tommy Szymczak, Dagan Alford, Ellyse Lamont and Patty Galloway.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Mayor Sowell introduced Tommy Szymczak who spoke to the council about 27 members of the Agriculture Business Club of Poland coming to St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Anderson on March 4, 2011. This church was built by ancestors of Poland and largely resembles those that are presently in that country. Mr. Szymczak asked the members of the council to approve a Proclamation to be read by Mayor Sowell at the reception welcoming the visitors on behalf of the Mayor, the City Council, and the residents of Anderson. Alderman Joe Boudreaux made a motion in favor of this proclamation’s preparation and presentation; Alderman Alford seconded the motion. Alderwoman Freeman approved, with the stipulation that the wording be changed to reflect the greeting stated above; all members present voted in favor of the motion.

Ellyse Lamont and Patty Galloway, nurses attending Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing, spoke to the Council members regarding community health issues. Because the council is presently working on the condemnation of unsightly and hazardous properties in the town, they wish to identify health risks in the community. They are working on a class project that will document problems which need to be addressed on behalf of the citizens concerning the health risks of these properties. Alderman Joe Boudreaux made a motion to approve their study. Alderwoman Freeman seconded the motion; all members voted in favor.

Mayor Sowell asked that minutes from the regular meeting held on Thurs., Jan. 13, 2011 be approved. Alderman Joe Boudreaux made a motion to approve the minutes as presented; Alderwoman Freeman seconded the motion. All members present approved the motion.

Mayor Sowell asked members to consider/approve adoption of Ordinance No. 81-11 calling for an election to be held in Anderson on Saturday, May 14, 2011. There are three positions of 2-year terms up for election. Those being two Alderman positions held by Tom Johanson and Carol DeBose and the Mayor’s position held by Gail Sowell. In addition, members were asked to consider/approve adoption of Ordinance No. 82-11 calling for re-authorization of a ¼ of 1% increase in general sales and use tax expiring on Sept. 30, 2011.

She asked their consideration/approval of an agreement between the Town of Anderson and the Anderson-Shiro CISD to hold a joint election per state statute.

The Mayor also asked for the consideration and approval of an agreement between the Town of Anderson and the County of Grimes authorizing the Election Administrator Becky Duff to conduct the election. Alderman Alford made a motion to approve these three requests; motion was seconded by Alderwoman Freeman and approved by all members.

Mayor asked members to consider/approve adoption of a Drug-Free Workplace Policy Statement for the Town of Anderson. This policy is required for completion of SECO grant documents. Alderwoman Freeman made a motion to implement a Drug-Free Workplace Policy; Alderman Alford seconded the motion, all members present approved the motion.

City Attorney, John DeMille, and his assistant Angela Davis provided an update on the progress of condemnation properties. All necessary letters have been sent to prospective owners of the properties. Warrants are ready to be signed to enter the properties.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

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