2015 02 12 Minutes

Meeting Minutes
The Town of Anderson, Texas

February 12, 2015

Members Present: Gail Sowell, Mayor; Erna Freeman, Mayor Pro-Tem; Alderwoman: Carol DeBose; Aldermen: Joe Boudreaux, Tom Johanson

Member Absent: Karen McDuffie

Anderson Attorney Present: Michael R. Casaretto
Visitors Present: Cindy Bell, Honorable Ben Leman, Clint Capps, Brett Mize

There was a quorum thus a public open meeting was called to order at 7:02 P.M. by Mayor Gail Sowell. The Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Allegiance were recited and invocation was given by Tom Johanson.

Remarks of visitors:
Cindy Bell thanked the Aldermen and Mayor for representing the Town of Anderson at the Grimes/Navasota Chamber annual banquet.
The Honorable Ben Leman spoke on the 249 Toll Road mentioning the reasons behind his opposing the road proposal the first time around. He was concerned about the lack of feeder roads and exchanges in the Grimes County section of the highway. He stated that TxDOT has now revised its plan that includes those feeders and exchanges. This offer is on the table right now and Judge Leman is asking the community to start communicating this new additional information. His goal is to steer it and make it beneficial to Grimes County. He is asking to reconsider the resolution which now includes feeders and exchanges. He stated it will take the constituents to communicate to the Commissioners. He believes the 249 Toll Road is coming and being proactive is the best way to be for the benefit of the county. He feels the county should urgently consider this new offer of TxDOT before the offer is taken off the table.

The Aldermen will review this new information on the Toll Road which includes plans of feeder roads and exchanges from TxDOT when Hon. Leman sends the TxDOT written proposal to the town office. The Aldermen also requested a copy of the letter that Honorable Leman sent to the local newspaper explaining his position on the new Toll Road proposal. After review of these documents, they will review their position on the Toll Road and if necessary will consider a new resolution.

Minutes of the previous meeting held on 1-8-15 were read by each board member present. A motion was made by Joe Boudreaux to approve the minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Carol DeBose. All approved, motion carried.

A motion was made by Erna Freeman to adopt Ordinance # 106-15 & 107-15 calling an election to be held in the Town of Anderson on Saturday May 9, 2015 for the purpose of the reauthorization of the local sales and use tax in the Town of Anderson at the rate of ¼% of 1% to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets and for election of the following official positions: two (2) year terms for Alderman positions held by Tom Johanson and Carol DeBose and the Mayoral position held by Gail Sowell. The motion was seconded by Joe Boudreaux. All approved, Motion passed.

Erna Freeman made a motion to approve a Joint Election Agreement between Anderson Shiro CISD and the Town of Anderson to hold an election per state statue. Joe Boudreaux seconded the motion. All approved, motion carried.

Joe Boudreaux made a motion to approve an agreement between the Town of Anderson and the County of Grimes authorizing the Election Administrator Becky Duff to conduct the election on May 9, 2015. Carol DeBose seconded the motion. All approved, motion carried.

Tom Johanson made a motion to adopt Ordinance # 105-14 on this third public reading (everyone in attendance was given a copy to read) of the Salvage Yard Ordinance. Erna Freeman seconded the motion. All approved, motion carried.

Discussion was held on the CETA Morning Brew that is scheduled for Feb. 25, 2015 from 9:00-10:00 A.M. Also, Mayor Sowell reported that the first CETA board meeting is set for Feb. 19, 2015 in Willis and each board member can RSVP on line.

Erna Freeman made a motion to schedule the Town Clean-Up day on April 18, 2015 8:00 A.M. – Noon. Carol DeBose seconded the motion. Discussion followed on particulars such as committees, advertising, plans for the food, etc. Karen McDuffie had previously agreed to “head it up”. All approved, motion carried.

Joe Boudreaux made a motion to pay bills currently due as presented. Carol DeBose seconded the motion. All approved, motion carried.

Mayor Gail Sowell reported that she received a letter from Master Gardeners stating that the project is now completed and they have turned it over to the Town of Anderson. Several Aldermen voiced that they didn’t believe that was how the project was presented to them when they signed the contract. They also have a complaint on the watering system. Mayor Sowell will request that a Master Gardeners representative attend the next Town Council meeting to be held on March 12, 2015.
The recycle bin is still in the process of being discussed and they will report their progress as soon as possible.
The 391 Commission will hold an open forum from 5:30-6:30 P.M. on Feb. 18, 2015 at Magnolia H.S. on 1774 in Montgomery County. The discussion will be on the Toll Road.
It was brought up that there are still Christmas decorations up town that need to be taken down. It was noted that the town’s clean-up day is scheduled for April 18, 2015 and if they are not down by then they will be taken down and disposed of. Mayor Sowell stated she would call Janette Doyal about them.

Open session adjourned: 8:17 P.M.
Closed session opened: 8:19 P.M.
No need to reopen Open session.
Next scheduled meeting: March 12, 2015 @ 7:00 P.M.

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Mayor Secretary

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