2008 05 15 Minutes





May 15, 2008

State of Texas

County of Grimes

The Board of Aldermen of the Town of Anderson met in regular open session in the American Legion Building in Anderson, Texas, at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 15, 2008. Present were Mayor Gail Sowell, Alderwoman Erna Freeman, Aldermen David Heyman, Tom Johanson, Daryl Alford and Attorney Lovett Boggess. Alderman Ernest Henderson was absent.

Visitors present were Cindy Bell, Mrs. Maurine Wehmeyer, Mr. Ratcliff, John Lindon representing Fanthorp Inn, Ronnie Hale of Entergy, Cori Mooney, Cheli Greene, Robert Lys, Jamie Schulz, Mike and Janeth Nevill, Paul Collins and CPA Ginger Snider.

The election scheduled for May 10, 2008 contained three candidates for re-election. As of March 10 all candidates were unopposed. As of April 14 no write-in candidate applications were received; therefore Erna Freeman, Daryl Alford and David Heyman were declared elected as authorized by subchapter C, Sec. 1.053 of the Texas Election Code. City Attorney Lovett Boggess administered the Oath of Office to the newly elected officials. The officials signed Oaths required by law.

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m.

Ms. V. L. Snider, CPA, was present to distribute copies of the 2006-2007 audit prepared for the city of Anderson. She indicated that the city was doing well financially, all records presented for audit were in order, and presented information related to changes in her business strategy for the coming year. Motion was made by Alderwoman Erna Freeman to accept the reports as prepared by Ms. Snider; Alderman David Heyman seconded the motion; all members present voted in favor of the motion.

Grimes Co. Road & Bridge Engineer, Robert Lys presented a bid on the upcoming street improvements. His bid included a map of the streets within the town. Yellow markers indicated the streets to be worked on this summer including West Buffington Ave., Main St., Woodward St., Johnson St. and included a base failure on Buffington.

After much discussion including Main St. in front of the Fanthorp Inn, pavement up to Mr. Ratcliff’s home, annexation of the Fanthorp and the Ratcliff’s, striping road in front of the annex and other minor details, Alderman Daryl Alford made a motion to accept the bid presented by Mr. Lys. Alderwoman Erna Freeman seconded the motion; all members present voted in favor of the motion.

Mr. Ronnie Hale of Entergy was present to touch base with us and inquired if there were any problems with power in the city.

Cori Mooney, Crime Victims Coordinator and Cheli Greene, Grimes Co. Juvenile Probation Officer, addressed the council and asked the city to approve a proclamation citing May as Elder Abuse Prevention Month. After the Proclamations were read a motion was made by David Heyman to accept the motion; Alderman Daryl Alford seconded the motion; all members present voted in favor.

Brazos Valley HOME Consortium representative Paul Collins appeared to request a renewal of the inter-local agreement between the City and the organization for another 3 year term. After Mr. Collins explained the system of the Consortium, Alderman Tom Johanson made a motion to continue the inter-local agreement for an additional three years; Alderwoman Erna Freeman seconded the motion. All members present voted in favor.

Attorney Lovett Boggess presented facts to the Board regarding electronic billboards, and the need to have an ordinance to regulate any and all types of billboards within the city limits. As of June 1, 2008, TxDOT can come to the state and request permits. The town has to approve—unless the town has an ordinance in place to control such things as electronic billboards, etc.

Mayor Sowell reminded the Board members of the Youth Fair coming up early in June. She requested the meeting be moved from June 12 to June 19.

The Aldermen re-organized the council. Alderman Tom Johanson made a motion that Alderwoman Erna Freeman be re-elected to the position of Mayor Pro-Tem. Alderman Daryl Alford seconded the motion & Alderwoman Freeman was elected unanimously.

Alderwoman Erna Freeman made a motion that Alderman David Heyman be re-elected to the position of Secretary. Alderman Daryl Alford seconded the motion; David Heyman was elected by a unanimous vote.

Mayor Sowell asked that minutes from the regular meeting held on April 10, 2008 be considered/approved. A motion to approve the minutes as presented was made by Alderwoman Erna Freeman. Alderman Daryl Alford seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Alderman Daryl Alford made a motion to pay all invoices currently due and payable. Alderwoman Erna Freeman seconded motion. All members present accepted the motion.

Mr. Mike Nevill spoke on the 391 Commission concerning the TTC and the importance of forming this commission. He asked the council to consider joining in.

Mayor Sowell addressed the members regarding pertinent happenings.

The meting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

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