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May 16, 2006

State of Texas

County of Grimes

The Board of Aldermen of the Town of Anderson met in regular open session in the American Legion Building in Anderson, Texas, at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 16, 2006. Present were Mayor Gail Sowell, Alderwoman Erna Freeman, Aldermen David Heyman and Tom Johanson, and Attorney Lovett Boggess. Aldermen Bill Robinett and Ernest Henderson were absent. .

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

The scheduled election of May 13, 2006 was cancelled because all candidates were unopposed. City Attorney Lovett Boggess administered the Oath of Office to newly elected officials Erna Freeman and David Heyman; Alderman Bill Robinett was not in attendance. The officials present signed Oaths required by law.

The Aldermen re-organized the council. Alderman David Heyman made a motion that Alderwoman Erna Freeman be re-elected to the position of Mayor Pro-Tem. Alderman Tom Johanson seconded the motion and Alderwoman was elected unanimously.

Alderwoman Erna Freeman made a motion that Alderman David Heyman be re-elected to the position of Secretary. Alderman Tom Johanson seconded the motion; David Heyman was elected by a unanimous vote.

Mayor Sowell asked that minutes from the regular meeting held on April 13, 2006 be considered/approved. A motion to approve the minutes as presented was made by Alderman David Heyman. Alderwoman Erna Freeman seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Darrell and David Borski appeared before the board to discuss property at the corner of Hill St. & Highway 90. According to Paul Malek the culvert on Hill St. is adequate. Mr. Lys suggested waiting to do any work needed until the project is finished to see where and how the actual flow of water will run.

The Borski’s also discussed the highway right-of-way and their property which is separated by a small triangle of land (approximately 16’). According to the Grimes Co. Appraisal District no one owns this small plot. In discussion it was determined that this portion could actually belong with the Borski’s property from the other side of the street. Their question was whether or not the city would allow them to use this small triangle of property, along with a portion of their other property, to be landscaped as beautification of that area along Hwy 90. Attorney Boggess mentioned that the town would have no authority to agree with the plan or disagree; but since this is such a small area neither he nor the members present were opposed to landscaping this small area.

Mr. John Wren was present to advise the board members that Plan B discussed at the last meeting to correct a water situation on his property had failed. He asked that Plan A be approved. Since the culvert at the daycare center was reworked the culvert stays full of dirt and the manhole cover goes underwater when it rains. Solving the problem would include replacing the culvert on his property to re-channel the water.

After discussion the members indicated that the cost of this work (approximately $600) would fall to the landowner. Mr. Wren was not in agreement—he indicated that the work done at the daycare center was not charged to the landowner. Members of the council reminded Mr. Wren that work done on driveway culverts was the landowner’s responsibility, while work done on street culverts was handled by the county. The members of the council indicated that the manhole needs to be cleared. A suggestion was made to move the culvert to the street that runs between the two properties in question giving a new driveway to Mr. Wren – quite a distance from the manhole. There is a fence in that area which would need to be removed. Mr. Wren was not pleased with that statement. Alderwoman Freeman indicated that the members would look into the site and check with Robert Lys as to the best way to handle the problem. The problem was tabled until a later date.

Mayor Sowell indicated that most of the information she had planned to relay to members had already been discussed. In addition, Mr. Lys had informed her that the oil had been added to the RAP on May 1. Plans to begin work are set for May 22. He also indicated that there was enough RAP to do the work on Austin St. (Buffington to 90) at no extra charge.

The June 8 meeting has been re-scheduled to June 15 due to the Grimes County Fair activities still going on at that time.

Alderwoman Erna Freeman made a motion to approve payment of all bills current due and payable, with the exception of a bill from Anderson Water Co. for work done at the home of Mary Fagan. Ms. Fagan’s original mobile home had been hooked up to the sewer system. When a new trailer was moved in it was not hooked up—there was/is a question about property lines, etc. The board members wish to review Steve Duncan’s maps. They feel that the owner should be responsible for this second hookup. This item was tabled under further investigation was made.

Attorney Boggess reminded the Mayor that the no parking sign in front of his office is still down. Mayor Sowell said she would contact a representative from In-Line to correct the problem. Many members feel there definitely a problem with parking in and around courthouse. Mayor Sowell indicated that a meeting with the Commissioner’s Court is definitely due and plans to set one up.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

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