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June 15, 2006

State of Texas

County of Grimes

The Board of Aldermen of the Town of Anderson met in regular open session in the American Legion Building in Anderson, Texas, at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, June 15, 2006. Present were Mayor Gail Sowell, Alderwoman Erna Freeman, Aldermen David Heyman, Bill Robinett, Tom Johanson, Ernest Henderson and Attorney Lovett Boggess.

Attorney Lovett Boggess administered the Oath of Office to Alderman Bill R. Robinett, the third of the newly elected Aldermen for F.Y. 2006.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Guests present at the meeting included Cindy Bell, Ronnie Hale representing Entergy, Antone and Betty Pavlock, Susan Wisnoski, Maxine Lee, Jamie Shults, Stephen Wisnoski, Liz Paukert, Marion Szymczak, Tommy & Barbara Szymczak, Gary Klodzinski, and Rev. Louis Sikorski.

Ronnie Hale of Entergy gave a report on what’s going on with electricity, rising costs and utility workers in the area.

Mayor Sowell advised the members that Road & Bridge Engineer Robert Lys replaced the culvert at the home of John Wren. This work will be considered as regular town maintenance.

Mayor Sowell and Alderwoman Freeman met with Mary Fagan recently in regard to work done at her home by the Anderson Water Company. Alderwoman Freeman indicated that her home had been originally hooked up to the sewer system from the slaughter house but sewer problems recently arose. The Mayor will continue investigating the problems in order to see who’s responsible for the bill at Anderson Water Co.

Rev. Sikorski. and a delegation from St. Stanislaus Catholic Church were present to request closure of a 27’ alleyway between two parcels of land purchased recently by the church. Rev. Sikorski’s letter was presented to the members, as well as a letter from Mayor Sowell in which she advised the council of findings regarding the legality of closing this alleyway. She presented Ordinance No. 52-06 which states in part “the Town of Anderson is a general law municipality, and Section 311.008 of the Texas Transportation Code provides that the governing body of a general law municipality may by ordinance vacate, abandon, or close a street or alley of the municipality if a petition signed by all the owners of real property abutting the street or alley is submitted to the governing body”.

Motion was made by Alderman Tom Johanson to close the alley. Alderman Bill Robinett seconded the motion. Aldermen voting in favor of the motion were Tom Johanson, Bill Robinett, David Heyman and Ernest Henderson. Abstaining from voting was Alderwoman Erna Freeman. Said alley running between Block 9 and Block 10 of the P.C. Jack Survey, Grimes County, Texas from Neblett Lane to Hill St. for a length of 652.78 feet and a width of 27.78 feet is hereby vacated, abandoned, and closed.

Mayor Sowell asked that minutes from the regular meeting held on Thursday, May 16, 2006 be considered/approved. Alderman Tom Johanson made a motion to approve minutes as presented; Alderwoman Erna Freeman seconded the motion. All members present voted in favor of the motion.

Alderwoman Erna Freeman moved that all invoices currently due and payable be ordered paid. Alderman Bill Robinett seconded the motion; all members present voted in favor of the motion.

Mayor Sowell advised the council members that a special gathering was planned in recognition of the Anderson Owl Baseball Team placing first in state competition. A proclamation by the Mayor and Council would be presented to the school.

Mayor Sowell advised the council that road work in town was ongoing. Alderwoman Freeman mentioned the need to identify all manholes and cleanout plugs with signs. These markers are stored on city property awaiting installation.

James Mason asked to rent some of the city’s land near his home to hold horses. After discussion Mayor Sowell indicated that she would advise Mr. Mason that the city cannot allow the horses on city property because of liability reasons.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:43 p.m.

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