2015 08 12 Minutes

Meeting Minutes
The Town of Anderson, Texas


Members Present: Gail Sowell, Mayor; Alderwoman: Erna Freeman, Karen McDuffie, Carol DeBose; Aldermen: Joe Boudreaux, E. Tom Johanson

Anderson Attorney Present: Michael R. Casaretto
Visitors Present: Cindy Bell, Clint Capps, Lance Lavergne, Chester Finke, Bill Sullivan

There was a quorum thus a public open meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Gail Sowell. The Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Allegiance were recited. Invocation by Tom Johanson.

Remarks of visitors:
Cindy Bell gave an update on the Navasota/Grimes County Chamber golf tournament has been changed to a weekday in October either the 1st or the 7th. She also mentioned Entergy did a good job at replacing the pole up-town and the next CETA meeting is scheduled in Bedias, August 26th.

Minutes of previous meeting held on Thursday, July 9, 2015 were read by each board member present. A motion was made by Joe Boudreaux to approve the minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Karen McDuffie. All approved, motion carried.

Mayor Sowell reported that Mr. Will Ray of TxDot had a scheduling conflict and was unable to attend tonight’s town council meeting. Mr. Ray gave Mayor Sowell his e-mail to be able to contact him with questions and concerns. After discussion on the roads in town it was suggested that the council contact Commissioner David Dobyanski to help with the issues of TxDot road maintenance issues inside the town of Anderson including the need of rip-rap and stone.

Mayor Gail Sowell reported that Road & Bridge has patched some holes however there are still issues that need to be addressed. Mayor Sowell will call Road & Bridge to see who our contact is now that Mr. Bob Cochrane has resigned.
Mr. Bill Sullivan reviewed the appraisal roll for the Town of Anderson for the tax year 2015. He stated the value of property is going up which pushes down the tax rate which = base line.
The board discussed the 2015-16 tax issues including the rate per $100.00 of taxable property and time frame for publication for budget hearing and adoption of the tax rate. Joe Boudreaux made a motion to set the tax rate for F.Y. 2015 at the rate of .2090 per $100.00 of taxable property. Erna Freeman seconded the motion. Three members approved the motion two denied. Motion carried. Mr. Bill Sullivan will prepare the rate with the proper language to be discussed at the tax hearing and then during regular session be voted on for the tax year 2015. He will also prepare the notice for publication as well as making sure the notice of public hearing is placed in the local newspaper.

Mayor Sowell gave a report on the meeting with the Master Gardeners and Mr. Tanner Williams. She noted that the irrigation system is not working properly and the maintenance on the project has become an issue in itself. The person that installed the irrigation is no longer in business. Mr. Ron Wise of Wise Landscaping submitted a bid to repair the irrigation system and maintain on a monthly basis the Beautification Project that the Master Gardeners planted on Main street. Erna Freeman made a motion to accept Wise Landscaping bid of $850.00 to repair the irrigation system and weed, trim, clean-out and re-mulch the landscaping on Main Street, Anderson and maintain it at the rate of $100.00 per month. Karen McDuffie seconded the motion. Four members approved the motion and one denied. Motion carried.

The board reviewed the written quarterly report submitted by the Anderson Water Company.
Joe Boudreaux made a motion to move the September council meeting from the 10th to the 17th of September to hold public tax and budget hearings on the same evening before the regular meeting. Carol DeBose seconded the motion. All approved. Motion carried.

Joe Boudreaux made a motion to table the sponsorship of the Navasota Theatre Alliance until further information is available. Erna Freeman seconded the motion. All approved. Motion carried.

Attorney Michael Casaretto gave an update on his progress of the temporary road closure and the violation at 170 Hill Street, Anderson, TX 77830. Mr. Capps, town resident, stated the situation is getting worse on Hill Street. Mr. Casaretto will send by registered and/or certified mail a notice with a copy of the Health and Safety Ordinance and the Junked Vehicle Ordinance to the owner of said house. Attorney Casaretto stated he is working on finalizing the temporary road closure ordinance. The board also discussed the other health and safety issue in town referencing the unsafe abandoned swimming pool. Mr. Casaretto will also send them via US Postal by certified and /or registered mail, a notice including a copy of the Health & Safety Ordinance. Karen McDuffie will provide that mailing address to Attorney Casaretto.

Erna Freeman made a motion to pay bills currently due as presented. Joe Bordeaux seconded the motion. All approved, motion carried.

Open session adjourned: 8:05 P.M.
Entered into Closed session: 8:10 P.M.
Closed session ended: 8:33 P.M.
No need to re-open regular session.
Next scheduled meeting: September 17, 2015 @ 7:00 P.M.

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Mayor Mayor Pro-Tem

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