2018 04 12 Minutes

Meeting Minutes
The Town of Anderson, Texas

Members Present: Gail Sowell, Mayor; Alderwomen: Erna Freeman, Carol DeBose, Karen McDuffie; Aldermen: Joe Boudreaux, Harold Minor
Anderson Attorney Present: Michael R. Casaretto
Visitors Present: Cindy Bell, Ginger Snider, Mike Osborne, Freddie Henson, Quintera Calhoun, Carnell Carrell, Blondie Carrell, William Smith, Christy Smith, Johnny McNally, Mary Bostelman
Called to order at 7:00 pm

Remarks of visitors:
Cindy Bell informed council that May 12th an event, Anderson Heritage Social will take place in Historic Anderson Park. It is a fundraiser for the log cabin and other buildings. Cindy Bell thanked the council members for putting together the April 7th Clean Up day.

Agenda Items:

Virginia Snider, CPA presented the audit for the fiscal year 2016-2017. She pointed out various items throughout the audit including in future audits grant funds should not be recorded as income.

Mayor Sowell was informed that two audience members wanted to speak but had failed to sign up.

Quintera Calhoun asked about the certified letter regarding the cars in her front yard. Michael Casaretto asked her to call the office in the morning and he could discuss it later. He also stated that the cars must have current registration.

Freddie Henson wanted to know why she was getting all these certified letters, also. Her letter was regarding property that needed to be cleaned up and a mobile home that was torn down but failed to remove the debris. Carnell Carrell stated that they removed the frame to help FD Calhoun out. He stated that he had moved the debris from Mary Love’s torn down house

Quintera was given a copy of the ordinance and asked for further clarification. Quintera complained that there are a lot of cars in town. She was informed that more letters will be sent out to other residents throughout town regarding vehicles that are not running.

Christy Smith asked when the residents are observed. She was informed that there is no schedule for driving around taking pictures. She asked that there be finalization that they are in compliance. Mayor Sowell asked the residents to keep your place cleaned up.

Quentera asked about the Historical Buildings throughout town. She asked how long those people had to fix their building. She was informed to write a letter to the town to formally complain.

Johnny McNally, the Executive Director of the Navasota Grimes County Chamber of Commerce, informed council of the upcoming chamber activities focusing on Education, Economic Development, and Promotion. The chamber is working with Blinn College offering job skills training to help keep our employment rate low. He discussed various proposals for the area. There are new business’s opening in Anderson. He discussed various calls he has had regarding business’s that might work for our area. The chamber is excited about the growth in Grimes County.

Mayor Sowell asked council to review the minutes. Erna Freeman made a motion to accept minutes. Carol DeBose seconded the motion. All approved; the motion passed.

Mayor Sowell asked council to review the Public Utility Commission’s increase .01023. Erna Freeman made a motion to accept the increase. Karen McDuffie seconded the motion. All approved; the motion passed.

Mayor Sowell asked council to review the timeline and procedures for Health and Safety letters. Once the letter is returned violations become effective and condemnation process will begin. Erna Freeman stated she received a call from someone regarding burning. She informed them that there is a burn restriction. Mayor Sowell asked Michael Casaretto to get clarify of the law with TCEQ.

Mayor Sowell asked council to review the invoices for payment. Carol DeBose made a motion to approve payment of the bills. Karen McDuffie seconded. All approved; motion carried.

Mayor Sowell commented on Clean Up Day. There was one dumpster filled. It was a cold day and very few residents were involved. Mayor Sowell commented on how nice the town is looking and how appreciative the town is for everyone’s efforts.

Enter into Closed Session at 8:21 pm.

Returned from Closed at 8:33 pm.

Meeting was adjourned 8:34 pm.

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