2018 07 12 Minutes

Meeting Minutes
The Town of Anderson, Texas

Members Present: Karen McDuffie, Mayor Pro-Tem ; Aldermen Carol DeBose, Harold Minor, Daryl Alford, Carnell Carrell
Anderson Attorney Present: Michael R. Casaretto
Members Absent: Gail Sowell Mayor
Visitors Present: Cindy Bell, Erna Freeman, Joe Boudreaux, Blondie Carrell, Jenna Blinn, Gail Cox, Mary Bostelman
Called to order at 7:04 pm
Pledges were recited.
Remarks of visitors:
Cindy Bell reported on the Chamber of Commerce meeting and discussed various programs that will be going on.

Erna Freeman commented on the poor condition for some of the properties in town which include the Robinett building on Main; Harbour House on Main Street has trash all over the yard, tall grass and building in poor shape and the Blackshear home also has holes in roof and windows broken. She requested that council move on these properties.

Agenda Items:
Mayor Pro-Tem McDuffie asked council to review the minutes. Carnell Carroll made a motion to accept minutes. Daryl Alford seconded the motion. All approved; the motion passed.

Cindy Bell made presentation to council regarding Historic Anderson activities over the years. .

Cindy Olivieri informed council that the First United Methodist Church in Anderson had submitted plans. Paul Cassidy reviewed the plans and approved them. The permit was issued June 29, 2018.

Mayor Pro-Tem McDuffie asked council to review bills. Carnell Carrell made motion to accept. Daryl Alford seconded the motion. All approved; the motion passed.

Michael Casaretto discussed changes to the Interlocal Agreement. Changes are still pending. Carol DeBose requested` that we move forward on properties in town that have received 2nd Notices. She commented that citizens feel discriminated against when they acted quickly and others have not.

Meeting was adjourned 7:45 pm.

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