2017 08 15 Minutes

Special Meeting Minutes
The Town of Anderson, Texas

Members Present: Gail Sowell, Mayor; Alderwomen: Erna Freeman, Carol DeBose; Aldermen: Joe Boudreaux
Members Absent: Karen McDuffie, Harold Minor
Anderson Attorney Present: Michael R. Casaretto
Visitors Present: Harry Walker
There was a quorum thus a public open meeting was called to order at 9 A.M. by Mayor Gail Sowell.
Pledges were recited. Carol DeBose gave the invocation.

Agenda Items:
Mayor Sowell asked Harry Walker to verify the numbers written were correct for the HMAC Overlay bids submitted by Glenn Fuqua, Johnny Young Paving, and A-1 Construction. Harry Walker and his staff verified the bids and recommended going with the lowest bid which was from Larry Young Paving.
Erna Freeman made a motion to accept Larry Young Paving Bid. Joe Boudreaux seconded the motion. All approved; motion carried.

Open session adjourned: 9:20 A.M.

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