Minutes 8/8/19

Meeting Minutes

The Town of Anderson, Texas


Members Present:     Karen McDuffie, Mayor; Daryl Alford, Mayor Pro-Tem; Alderman Harold Minor; Alderman Carnell Carrell; Alderman Bessie White; Alderman Kason Menges; Town Clerk Pam Johnson

Anderson Attorney:  Michael Casaretto

Visitors Present:         Cindy Bell, Jose Boudreaux, Julie Horn, Johnny McNally, Arica Lyons, Charles Borski, Rocky Weller

Establish a quorum; Called to order at 7:00 pm.

Pledges recited.

Bessie White gave invocation.

Remarks of Visitors:

Cindy Bell:  Historic Park will be used on 9/21/19 by American Diabetes Association

Charlie Diggs: Working on plans for Anderson Fest for 12/14/19.  Would like to be put on the agenda for next meeting.

Arica Lyons:  Concerns about hooking up to the city water supply 6411 FM 1774, Anderson.  Not having any luck in going forward looking for suggestions on how to get help.

Joe Boudreaux:  Voiced concerns about the cost of the abatement & inquired on how the Town of Anderson would recover those funds.

Agenda Items:

Mayor McDuffie asked the council to review and approve of the minutes.  Daryl Alford motioned to approve minutes; Bessie White seconded the motion.  All others approved; the motion carried.

Shannon Sanders with Grimes County Appraisal District presented information on the taxes for the upcoming year.  Daryl Alford made motion to propose $0.19 for the coming year, Harold Minor seconded the motion.  All others approved; the motion carried.

Johnny McNally with Grimes County Chamber of Commerce addressed the Council on the upcoming events for the Chamber.

Mayor McDuffie asked the council to review and consider bids for the abatement of 414 Houston St.  Bids were opened, the lowest being Wesley Demolition for $5000.  Daryl Alford made motion to accept the bid from Wesley Demolition for $5000, Harold Minor seconded the motion.  Carnell Carrell opposed; the motion carried.

Mayor McDuffie discussed the request from a business wanting to open in Anderson at the corner of Hwy 90 at South Hill Street.  The business asked if widening South Hill Street for their entrance was an option.  There is a piece of property for sale at the corner of Schroeder Street.  The question from the prospective buyer – was Schroeder Street a city street?  Cindy Bell stated that it was an official recorded easement for the sewer system.  The county historically maintained this road.

Mayor McDuffie asked the council to approve two meeting dates for September.  It can all be done in one meeting.

Mayor McDuffie asked the council to  consider/approve payment of invoices currently due and payable.  Daryl Alford made motion to pay bills, Carnell Carrell seconded.  Motion carried.

Updates from around town.

  • Daryl Alford – street light cover still on the ground under the pole & the light still not there on Cedar at FM149.
  • Karen McDuffie – Brazos Valley Recycling looking into dumpsters for clean up after storms. TCEQ was asked about a designated burn site for city clean up of limbs/trees, there are 35 acres at the sewer plant that can be used for that with a fence around it.  Still waiting on AVFD on burning issue.  The bike ride will not be stopping in Anderson, but flags will be available to those who would like to line the streets when they come through to show support.
  • Michael Casaretto – working on ordinance amendment for permits to process them faster.

Daryl Alford made motion to adjourn, seconded by Kason Menges.  All approved, motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:06.


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Mayor ~ Karen McDuffie                                                    Daryl Alford ~ Mayor Pro-Tem


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