Letter to residents

Town of
P.O.Box 592 – Anderson, Texas 77830–(936) 873-3012

Gail M. Sowell,Mayor
Erna Freeman, Mayor Pro-Tem
Mary Bostelman, Town Clerk
Michael R. Casaretto, Attorney

Edward T.Johanson
Karen McDuffie
Joe Boudreaux
Carol DeBose

November 21, 2014

GrantWorks, Inc is providing a service to the Town of Anderson to apply for a possible grant. Some surveyors will be conducting a survey that is necessary for the Town to qualify for this grant. The names of the surveyors are Kirk Dibbens and Jay Francis.

If you have any concerns, please contact the office at 936/873-3102. If the office is closed, contact me at 936-870-6842. If you have additional concerns, you may call the sheriff’s department at 936/873-2151.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Gail Sowell

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P.O. Box 592
Anderson, TX 77830

Ph: (936) 873-3102
Fax: (123) 555-5555