Water & Power Outage

New Justice Center Utility Hookups To Cause Loss Of Water, Power In Anderson On Thursday Afternoon

Due to construction and getting utilities hooked up for the new Justice Center, the town of Anderson will be losing some utility services starting Thursday, March 18th.

“Anderson will lose water Thursday night, around 10 pm. We hope to have it back up around one in the morning…then, from what Entergy has told me, Anderson will lose power at 5:30 pm Thursday afternoon,” said building maintenance manager Al Peeler at Wednesday’s Commissioner’s Court meeting.

He says that for the power, Entergy did not give a time frame on restoration once they cut it.

Peeler mentioned a few weeks ago that he has had a struggle getting the power hooked up from Entergy, and he did panic briefly thinking that this issue was related to the Justice Center itself.

“It was not anything to do with actual power getting to the center. They have to increase the power in Anderson to get us power to the justice center. Entergy has put one pole, and the transformer in, and that is all we have so far,” Peeler exclaimed. “I do not know what to do with Entergy. I think Commissioner Cox has called, Commissioner Dobyanski, Commissioner Mallett…I do not know what do do. We are at their mercy. And, we are getting to a point where we need power.”

Peeler noted they will get water into the installed chillers, but no power to actually run the water through them, so there will be no water pressure.

Again, as a reminder, the Town of Anderson will lose power for a time at 5:30 pm Thursday afternoon, and will lose water for a four hour window at 10 pm Thursday night.


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