2010 05 13 Minutes





May 13, 2010

State of Texas

County of Grimes

The Board of Aldermen of the Town of Anderson met in regular open session in the American Legion Building in Anderson, Texas, at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 13, 2010. Present were Mayor Gail Sowell, Alderwomen Erna Freeman, Carol DeBose, Aldermen Tom Johanson, Daryl Alford, Joe Boudreaux and Attorney John DeMille.

Visitors present were Cindy Bell, Clint Capps, Margie Powell, Dagan Alford, V. L. Snider and Chester Finke.

Ms. V. L. Snider, CPA, presented official audit copies for the 2008-2009 fiscal year to the council. She briefly reviewed the audit and took questions from members.

Members read and approved the minutes of the regular meeting held on Thursday, April 8, 2010. Motion to accept was made by Alderman Boudreaux, seconded by Alderman Alford; and accepted by members present.

Since the Council members on the ballot were unopposed, the election scheduled for May 8, 2010 was cancelled. Members Daryl Alford, Erna Freeman, and Joe Boudreaux were declared officially reinstated; and City Attorney, John DeMille, administered the Oath of Office to the officials; and signed the Oaths as required by law.

The Aldermen re-organized the council. Alderman Daryl Alford made a motion that Alderwoman Erna Freeman be re-elected to the position of Mayor Pro-Tem and Alderman Tom Johanson remain as Secretary. Alderwoman Carol DeBose seconded the motion; all members present voted in favor.

Alderwoman Freeman presented new maps of the city’s boundaries. There were still a few discrepancies so Mayor Sowell and Alderwoman Freeman will meet with Engineer Steve Duncan and 911 Addresser Katherine Dornak to bring the boundaries up-to-date.

Mayor Sowell asked members to approve payment of invoices due and payable. A correction was made (eliminating a bill from Anderson Water Co. for work done on new lift station) to the payment due invoices. Mayor Sowell asked members to approve a memorial gift in the name of Susan Boggess to the Anderson Cemetery Association. Alderwoman Freeman made a motion to pay the bills as corrected; Alderman Boudreaux seconded the motion; all members present voted in favor.

Mayor Sowell talked to members about current projects and miscellaneous items.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

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